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The Bronx

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May 26th, 2009

03:37 pm - Super Sexy Gayety Queer Comedy Cabaret this Saturday

Still only seven bucks cover!

With special guests

-Rachel Kramer Bussel --Senior Editor at Penthouse Variations, and a Contributing Editor to Penthouse. Rachel has edited or co-edited 20 anthologies and has written about sex for the Village Voice, Curve, On Our Backs and come to think about it, just about everywhere.
-Joel Derfner, the adorable author of the award winning Gay Haiku and Swish: My Quest to Become the Queerest Person Ever. The last time Joel and Kelli Dunham performed at the same show, they both ended up naked. No promises, but we're just saying.

With Gayety regulars...
-Kelli Dunham, everyone's favorite ex nun genderqueer koala bear comic. You've seen her on Showtime and the Discovery Channel and  possibly in sober threeways after just about small town pride. 
-Bevin Branlandingham, producer of Femme-Cast and Former Titleholder, Queen of Drunken Texting will be femceeing.

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May 12th, 2009

Hey there NewYorkers!

My name is Ludo, and I am leaving tomorrow for the Big Apple!

I will be in the Bronx watching a friends house, dog and cat for two weeks.

I will admit, I am incredibly nervous and a bit scared about being all alone in the big city.

I currently live in Kent Washington, and will be arriving at JFK somewhere around330 your time.

so here are my questions:

Mainly, what are some highlights i should look out for?

Where is a good place to connect with people. (I really want to hang out with some people and not be totally alone the entire time I'm in NY)

What are some good cheap places to eat in the area?

Any areas I should avoid, especially after dark?

Anywho, hopefully I get some responses before i have to crash out tonight, early rising to get to my plane on time :)

Hope to hear from you!


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April 9th, 2009

07:16 pm - [NYC] Lambda Legal Looking for a New Membership Manager
Membership Manager Position - National Headquarters, New YorkCollapse )

Current Location: 120 Wall Street, Suite 1500 New York, NY 10005-3904
Current Mood: workingworking

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March 18th, 2009

10:11 am - An Open Letter to The Hon. Ruben Diaz, Sr.
I'm just so angry about this. Their "alternative" plan to fund the MTA was a joke! If we went with that plan we'd be in the same shape we are not in a year or so. I don't understand why Ruben Diaz is on the wrong side of this issue-- Who is he looking out for by doing this?

An Open Letter to The Hon. Ruben Diaz, Sr.:

Dear Senator Diaz:

Mass transit is the life blood of the Bronx. The last time people forgot this and the state failed to adequately invest in the MTA’s capital needs, they tore down the Third Avenue Elevated subway line in 1973. It was one of the worst things to ever happen to your district. Do you remember the 1970s housing abandonment, arson, job loss and population loss in Melrose, Morrisania and Mott Haven? The loss of mass transit was one of the main reasons this happened.

Senator Diaz, this is serious, and it needs your serious attention. The MTA capital program funds the maintenance and rehabilitation of the Bronx’s subway lines and stations.

Why you would ignore Bronx mass transit riders so that wealthy Connecticut and Westchester commuters can drive through your district for free, causing asthma and degrading neighborhood streets with traffic, is baffling and infuriating.

Who do you represent?

Susan Donovan


The Hon. Pedro Espada, Jr.
The Hon. Carl Kruger
The Hon. Hiram Monserrate
The Hon. Malcolm Smith, Senate Majority Leader


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March 13th, 2009

08:59 am - Senator Ruben Diaz should act now to save the Bx4!
Senator Ruben Diaz should act now to save the Bx4!

Senator Ruben Diaz, is one of only 3 Democrats who oppose the plan to fund mass transit with bridge tolls. Photo by Joan Byron

Here's the deal:

The MTA needs money since the Pataki administration left them in a state where they have this huge debit. State lawmakers have a choice:

1) Service cuts and a fare hike.
2) Toll the East river bridges to pay for transit.
Read more...Collapse )

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February 10th, 2009

10:17 pm - [NYC]: Participants Needed For an In-person Study On "Subtle Discrimination"
Your assistance will be helpful in assisting psychologists and educators to be aware of how discrimination affects several groups based on their sexual orientationCollapse )

Current Location: John Jay College of Criminal Justice 899 10th Ave NYC 10019
Current Mood: workingworking

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January 24th, 2009

04:17 pm - [White Plains NY] Westchester Bisexual Group on Tuesday the 27th
Come join your peers from Westchester County and the surrounding areas (hello Bronx, Connecticut, Orange and Putnam Counties) in a lively, friendly facilitated discussion groupCollapse )

Current Location: The LOFT 252 Bryant Ave, White Plains, NY 10605
Current Mood: contemplativeinterested
Current Music: "Cadillac Records" Soundtrack featuring Beyoncé & Various Artist

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November 10th, 2008

10:26 pm - [Westchester County NY] Movie Night! Come see 'Bi the Way' on Thursday the 13th
at the historic Pelham Picture House in Southern Westchester County, quick and convenient to NYC and Southern Fairfield Connecticut by public transport or carCollapse )
Current Location: Pelham Picture House 175 Wolfs Lane in Pelham, NY 10803
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: "Sandcastle Disco" by Solange Knowles

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November 1st, 2008

10:18 pm - [NYC]: Bi-Perspective a social & discussion group this Sunday at 3 PM
Also affectionately know as 'the Sunday Group', Bi-Perspective is the longest-running social, discussion and support group for bisexual, fluid, pansexual, etc. people in New York City. Click here for all the details.Collapse )
Current Location: LGBT Community Center 208 West 13th St NYC 10011
Current Mood: contentfriendly
Current Music: "Get the Party Started" by Pink

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October 21st, 2008

02:37 pm - [NYC]: 'The Bi Eye on Queer Film' - Thursday, October 23rd 2008
The NYC LGBT Community Center, BiRequest and the Bi Writers Association present a program of funny and provocative short films that walk the borderline between bisexual/pansexual, gay/lesbian and hetero/homoflexible.

How does your orientation affect the way you perceive a story? How do these stories portray bisexual and fluid characters? Bring your opinions! Bring your friends! People of ALL orientations encouraged to attend.Collapse )
Current Location: LGBT Community Center 208 West 13th St NYC 10011
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: "Gay Boyfriend" by The Hazzards

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